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About our Community

Welcome to Sincerely Food — a food community welcoming food enthusiasts from all walks of life. It brings real people together for authentic, relatable, food-focused conversations. It’s a safe place for food fans, crafty specialists, and seasoned experts across the country to share their stories, recipes, photos, helpful tips, and so much more.

This community evolves daily with new and inspiring content, friendly and engaging members, and ongoing and authentic conversations. Whether you’re wondering what’s for dinner tonight, desperate for ways to get your kids to eat vegetables (tear-free), or seeking onion-chopping tips (again, tear-free), Sincerely Food and its members are here for you!

Sincerely Food features over 1,000 shoppable and member-shared recipes, discussion forums around a variety of food related topics, on-demand experiences with experts, and lots of other fun content to learn from and get inspired.

It’s where aspiration and reality collide around all things food! Cheers!

Community Guidelines

Welcome to Albertsons’ online community! We hope the community will be an inspiring, safe, and friendly place to engage with others who share a love of food

When you participate in our online community, you acknowledge and agree to abide by our Terms of Use, User Generated Content Terms, and Privacy Policy. We also ask that you read through the community guidelines below and ensure that you follow these guidelines when participating in our community. From time to time, we may update these guidelines, so check back in for any updates. 

If your posts violate these guidelines or our Terms of Use, User Generated Content Terms, and/or Privacy Policy, we may remove your post at our sole discretion and without notice to you. In some cases, we may also suspend or terminate your access to our online community without notice to you. If your access to e-community is suspended or terminated, your for U™ account, e.g. “Albertsons for U™” or “Safeway for U™” or Jewel-Osco for U™” (collectively “for U™ Account”) and perks remain unaffected. You may continue to use your for U™ Account in accordance with the terms of the program. 

When using our online community

You understand and agree you are solely responsible for all content you post. 


  • Share your honest opinions, feedback, helpful tips and guides on food, our products and services, recipes, ingredients you like, meal prep hacks, foodie favorites.
  • Stay on topic.
  • Clearly disclose any endorsements, paid partnership, or benefit you received from a brand or from us. This also includes any affiliation or relationship you have with a brand or with us such as being an employee of Albertsons, its subsidiaries and affiliates, or a brand. Other than employees, if you were gifted free product(s)/service(s) in exchange for a post to our e-community, we ask that you clearly mention that you were provided a product/service in connection to your post.  
  • If you are an employee of Albertsons, its subsidiaries and affiliates, please also look at the applicable Associate Handbook and Social Media Disclosure Guidelines


  • Post false, misleading, inaccurate or deceptive information; or post content that is malicious, seditious, libelous, abusive, threatening, obscene, defamatory, or sexually, religiously or otherwise objectionable or offensive. 
  • Harass, abuse, defame, intimidate, disparage or harm another person or group. This includes any hostile or aggressive behavior to other community members and online stalking. 
  • Incite or promote violence or extremist acts, illegal or unlawful activities including use of drugs, or dangerous activities like self-harm or dangerous consumption of alcohol. 
  • Use our online community for any illegal or unlawful purpose or activity. We do not tolerate any activity to defraud others or phishing. 
  • Damage or disrupt another user’s browser or computer. This includes embedding and linking to malware, spyware, Trojan horses, time-bombs, or viruses, or sending spam.
  • Infringe someone else’s intellectual property; so don’t post photos, videos, music, artwork or content that do not belong to you or where you have not received permission to share publicly.
  • Repost or reshare content from our e-community to other websites or social media platforms without our prior permission. 
  • Impersonate anyone, or collect or harvest someone’s personal information, or attempt to use or gain control of someone else’s account. 
  • Publicly share anyone else’s personal information such as contact details, photos or videos, email addresses, location, names or social media profiles.
  • Share anything about yourself that you would not want to be made public. This means information like your mailing address, workplace, phone number, videos or photos of yourself that you want to keep private, email address, credit card information, social security number, for U™ number or points balance, order number or receipt information, medical condition or healthcare information.
  • Share or allow others to access or use your account. 
  • Solicit or advertise for any business or use our community to market products/services, your social media accounts or endorsements you have with other brands. Promoting or asking community members to participate in a survey, study, or other communities, are not allowed.
  • Interfere, circumvent or disable the proper functioning of our community and websites. So DDoS attacks, hacking are prohibited. 

If you see any violation of these guidelines please report via the “Inappropriate Content” button found on each post

Community Activity Recognition

Community Ranks

As you participate in the community, you will earn your well-deserved culinary stripes. And while we won't tell you everything it takes to move up the ranks, you'll be excited when you do!

Rank 1-7
  • Snacker
  • Taster
  • Grazer
  • Food Enthusiast
  • Food Adventurer
  • Home Chef
  • Junior Chef 1
Rank 8-14
  • Junior Chef 2
  • Junior Chef 3
  • Junior Chef 4
  • Junior Chef 5
  • Station Chef 1
  • Station Chef 2
  • Station Chef 3
Rank 15-21
  • Station Chef 4
  • Station Chef 5
  • Sous Chef
  • Executive Sous Chef
  • Chef de Cuisine
  • Executive Chef
  • The Chef's Table
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Community Badges

Activity Badges are earned by all community members for participating in community activities including starting a conversation, liking, commenting, attending events, sharing/shopping recipes and visiting the community. The more activity badges you earn, the more you move up the community ranks.

  • Welcome

    Join Sincerely, Food

  • Like

    Recieve likes

  • Like Giver

    Give likes

  • Topic Starter

    Start conversations

  • Replies

    Reply to any post

  • Taco Tuesday

    Visit on select days

Community Roles

Look for these badges to identify various roles in the Sincerely, Food community!

  • Community Manager

    Community Managers are your dedicated team of Associates who curate content, foster discussions, provide answers to your questions and create a safe environment for Members.

  • Ambassador

    Ambassadors are Associates who have passion for our community and expertise in food and the culinary arts!

Meet our Team

We’re a team of passionate community builders and food lovers who believe life’s best memories happen when we’re sharing our favorite food with our favorite people.



AKA "Archie"
Tech Navigator
Chicago, IL

Archana loves pizza & cocktails. Her favorite weekend ritual is exploring new restaurants while catching up with friends. She believes sharing & learning about cultural dishes between friends exposes everyone to amazing new flavors.



AKA "FoodFlair_NYC"
Experiences Extraordinaire
New York, NY

Brandi relishes big city living where a different flavor awaits at every corner. From Chinese to Caribbean & everything in between, she loves trying new cuisines. She believes food experiences are what makes the heart happy.



AKA "SnacksNSneakers"
Inspiration Curator
Bay Area, CA

Lucas loves breakfast for dinner (hi, waffles with peanut butter & crisp bacon) or up-leveling childhood faves, like mac ‘n cheese with truffles. To him, there’s nothing better than wine, dinner & conversation with friends & family.



AKA "Megs-n-Cheese"
Community Enthusiast
Bay Area, CA

Megan views food as a way to fuel mind, body & soul. From a crisp salad with creamy dressing to a mouth-melting bowl of fresh pasta & vodka sauce, she believes food brings loved ones closer, embracing culture & tradition.



AKA "SunnySideSF"
Customer Experience Devotee
San Francisco, CA

Mona believes food is directly tied to our health & happiness, & to that of the planet. She's a vegetarian & aspiring vegan, who loves Sunday Brunch with friends & recreating her favorite restaurant dishes at home with her own healthy twist.



AKA "OzoR"
Engagement Fanatic
Boise, ID

Ozo's fave way to start his day is with a hardy breakfast burrito. When the weather's right, he's serving family & friends carne asada tacos with fresh tableside guac. He believes food opens the door to culture, connection & community.