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New year - new diet

I have heard 91% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolution…but I’m proud to share I am on day six of a detox - here is what I made my husband and I for lunch today. Clean eating! What are y’all eating in 2023?


Table Side Guac

Is there anything more satisfying than using a molcajete to make table side quac? Kept the guac recipe simple with: 2 avocados1/4 of chopped onion1 roma tomato1 tbsp of cilantro 1/2 lime juiceSalt and pepper to taste


Cajun Shrimp Poppers

  Just made the perfect appetizer for our Christmas Eve gathering.  I marinated Waterfront Bistro’s Red Shrimp in olive oil and Cajun seasoning and then wrapped the shrimp and cooked Andouille Sausage (cut in 1-inch pieces) with bacon.  Threw them o...

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