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Delicate Spring Treat

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

After a looonnnng winter here in Vermont, I always look forward to spring and the promise of the new life it brings.  For instance, longer days, and bright green grass dotted with light purple violets and cheery, yellow dandelions brought on by warmer weather, are balm to my soul.
The new tender shoots of wild edibles, things like garlic mustard and wild onions are the tonic that Mother Nature ordered to help cleanse our bodies after long winters.  And while there are many wild spring treats, one of my favorites is also one of the easiest to make. 
I’ll buy a can of lemonade, make it up in a glass pitcher or half gallon mason jar, add some of the lilac blossoms from my yard to it, and let it sit overnight in my fridge, thus allowing their delicate scent to infuse the lemonade.
The lilacs add no more than an overtone of lilac essence, but it is a lovely and delicious addition, and as a neat added bonus, if you start with yellow lemonade, by the morning, the lemonade will have turned pink!
What a treat for the senses!
 NOTE:  NOT all flowers are safe to use, but lilacs most certainly are.