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Mock Caprese Salad

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

There are few things i enjoy more than suer easy recipes that make me look like a Kitchen Goddess. So, when my sister-in-law called and said, “Hey I’m throwing together a last-minute BBQ and you guys are invited, I’m providing meat and a couple of pasta salads, bring something”, I took a quick look around my kitchen to see what ingredients I had, and what I could make with them.


At first I was stumped, but then my eyes fell on some of the garden tomatoes that were sitting on my windowsill, and it occurred to me that I had plenty more in where those came from as well as some cucumbers and a whole bunch of basil.


So, I ran outside to my garden, grabbed a bunch of red and yellow tomatoes, a couple of cukes, a handful of basil leaves, dug out a red onion from my pantry, rummaged around my fridge until I found a pound of mozzarella, and then I go down to work.


I diced the tomatoes, chopped the cucumbers, slivered the basil leaves, sliced paper-thin rounds of purple onion and mozzarella which I carefully quartered, threw them all in a big bowl, poured a bottle of zesty Italian dressing over them, gently mixing all the ingredients together and called it done.


I am happy to report that what I have dubbed my, ‘mock Caprese salad’ was a huge hit that day and from that moment on, every barbecue I’ve been invited to since, somebody has asked me to make it.


I’d give you the recipe, but really, I just used what I had (all of which I mentioned above) although I did toss in some leftover black olives into this one,Mock Caprese SaladMock Caprese Salad and as far as I am concerned, this particular salad is not an exact science.


Food for thought: If you need something to feed your family on a hot summers night, or if you feel compelled to bring a dish to a party, consider this one.  It’s quick, easy, and delicious!