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Retro Desserts - Baked Alaska Flambé

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]


Is there anything cooler than setting a dessert on fire?!


I recently had the chance to try this flambéed Baked Alaska and was wowed by the presentation (and flavor!).

What are everyone's fav "retro" desserts?


Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

Nope, nothing cooler @AndrewEatsEverything!  And it's something I've ALWAYS wanted to try, although Lord knows WHY I haven't tried it yet.  My mother took the QE1 to England as a very young woman and had Baked Alaska for dessert every. single. night.  Was it good? ❤️

That's such a cool story about your mother! (I'm originally from the UK and have heard fascinating stories about travel on the QE1 from my grandmother!) 

This version was incredible; shortcrust pastry tart, vanilla genoise sponge, then lemon sorbet & vanilla ice cream, finished with the Swiss meringue piped on the outside. The best version I've ever tasted! 

OMGosh @AndrewEatsEverything, that sounds FABULOUS!  That I now officially on my list of things to try! ❤️

Community Manager
Community Manager

I think anything that has table-side preparation and/or fire is super cool. From Caesar salads to Port-tonging, getting a peak behind the curtain is always fun to see!