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Summer-Inspired Charcuterie with this "bowl-cuterie" concept!

Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian
Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian

Summer Bowl-Cuterie

(fun for kids and grown ups)

Find some fun summer themed decorations like umbrellas and pineapple mini skewers and especially the individual serving plastic bowls with an area for dip!

Makes 4 Bowl-Cuteries


10-ounce container Signature Café or O Organic hummus of your choice

4-6 stalks of celery, trimmed and cut in half

12 Signature SELECT Honey Wheat Pretzel Braids

12 strawberries

1 thick slice provolone form deli counter, cut into cubes

1 thick slice pan roasted turkey from deli counter, cut into cubes

12 O Organics baby carrots

12 O Organics Sugar Snap Peas

2 kiwis, cut in half in a zigzag pattern

8 slices Primo Taglio Genoa Salame

8 cheddar cheese cubes


  1. Divide the hummus into four portions and spoon into the dip area of your bowl. If you don’t have a divided bowl, you can use 4 small containers to put the hummus in then set the small containers into each of the bowls. Sprinkle the top with “Everything Bagel” Seasoning if desired.
  2. Start placing the ingredients in the bowl from the celery sticks to the kiwi.
  3. For the mini skewer, Thread one of the cheddar cubes on each of the mini skewers. Then overlap two slices of the salami that have been folded in half and roll it up to make a rose and thread it onto one of the mini skewers and repeat with remaining salami. Thread the remaining cheddar cubes on the other side of the salami rose and place in the bowl next to the kiwi.
  4. Cover the bowls with plastic wrap and refrigerate until served!