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Zucchini, Summer Squash, Onion, Sausage, Cheese Galette

 It's late. Much to late for dinner, but that's the way things are going in my life these days. I'm way to busy, my boys are working long hours and don't get home until almost dark. Combined with sometimes I'm too optimistic, not remembering that som...

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What's your favorite football season tailgate snack?

With football [pre] season underway, everyone can agree that one of the best parts of the sport is the focus on food. Whether you're tailgating at the stadium or hosting fellow fans at your house, with the right food you'll always come out a winner....


Scrambled Eggs

I've been sauteing peppers and onions for years and adding a little garlic before adding eggs and cheese for scrambled eggs. I've recently started adding diced up portobello mushrooms also. These add a unique flavor and texture. Does anyone else have...

MikeB by Taster
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Fresh Salsa on a Hot Summer's Night

 Here in my corner of Vermont, it's been blistering hot. The kind of hot where it's almost too hot to eat (gads, wash my mouth out with soap, did I actually say that?)Much as I love charcuterie's (and make no mistake, I surely do love them!), there i...

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