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Air Fry Newbie

Community Manager
Community Manager

I just got my first air fryer (toaster over combo)! I’m really excited for all the new possibilities!

What are your favorite easy, beginner, veggie options that you recommend for a vegetarian air fryer newbie?? 



Community Manager
Community Manager

this is my jam! We use ours at least 2x a day! Honestly, anything u would normally put in oven, this does it a million times better! Veggies, baked potatoes, chicken nuggets…

Hey @Megs-n-Cheese, I'm a conventional kind of gal (I cook with a stove/oven and grill) so tell me why your air fryer does things a million times better!  In what way?  I'm genuinely interested! ❤️

I have one but we rarely use it because I can’t find recipes for it. Is there a resource to go to to get how to’s on using an air fryer?

Junior Chef IV
Junior Chef IV

Diane1, there are a lot of blogs and sites, and you have to see which ones resonate with your and your tastes. I try to cook from fresh as much as I can, and avoid processed foods, so that is my bias. I have found this site to be helpful,