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Ambassador Spotlight: 10 Questions With @TheRecipeDoctor

Community Manager
Community Manager


Welcome to "Ambassador Spotlight", our ongoing series where we profile some of the incredibly knowledgeable Ambassadors that help us create amazing content on the Sincerely, Food community, Elaine [aka TheRecipeDoctor] stands out among the crowd. By day, she is a Wellness Corporate Dietician for the Albertsons Companies and her passion for sharing recipes, cooking with family and friends and putting innovative spins on old favorites comes through in her frequent posts on the community.  Let's get to know Elaine a little better through some fun questions:

1. What’s your go-to breakfast? 

I love breakfast (even breakfast for dinner) and my go to on the weekends is several of my favorite pancake recipes and fun skillet type egg dishes (with lots of veggies).

2. It’s junk food time… which food group are you picking. Sweet or savory? 

Sweet, sweet, and then maybe…. sweet!

3. Are you a coffee or tea person? 

Can I be both? I love decaf coffee and lattes and I love all kinds of green and herbal teas. Literally enjoy them both every single day.

4. Which drink do you go for at a get together, beer, wine, seltzer, or soda? 

I’m a HUGE mineral water fan but if I’m at a party or restaurant I might enjoy a nice citrus beer, or a sparkling white wine or a fun vodka cocktail. I’m a “one and I’m done” kind of drinker and I literally enjoy all the options!

5. What’s your last meal? 

Maybe a meal that includes my top 5 favorite foods: crab or lobster, biscuits, anything with browned butter (LOL), beautiful chocolate dipped fresh strawberries, and maybe some awesome cake!

6. What’s your favorite childhood meal? 

My parents immigrated from Holland in the 1950’s and I have cherished childhood memories of various Dutch/European foods around the Christmas holiday: chocolate letters (Mine would be a chocolate “E”), boterkoek (translated its “butter cake” but it’s like a Dutch version of shortbread), stollen, speculaas, Banket (a pastry filled with almond paste). We would also make appelflappen (like an apple fritter). My favorite breakfast was when my dad would make Dutch pancakes and my favorite dinner growing up was maybe beef or pork satay skewers that we would marinate then grill.

7. Which condiment do you think is superior? 

I am not sure if this counts, but I am a HUGE flavored balsamic vinegar fan!

8. Favorite dessert? 

I love beignets, chocolate mousse, anything with whipped cream, chocolate cake, warm gooey chewy chocolate chip cookies from the oven.

9. What foods do you dislike? 

I can’t quite do organ meats or super extra spicy food. If I’m in pain, I can’t enjoy or taste the meal.

10. What are the foods you absolutely love?

I love that in our country we have this beautiful collage of so many ethnic influences. I love doing Recipe Doctor makeovers on American comfort food in general. My favorite other country cuisine is probably Italian, Mexican, and French. I catered our small-ish wedding reception, and it was an Italian-ish dinner. Everyone was asking which one of us was from Italian descent and I had to answer neither—we just love Italian food. I also make my own version of homemade tortillas and tamales. And don’t even get me started on crepes, quiche, croque monsieur and more! See what I mean? And I love all the regional favorites around our country, from the South to New England favorites, to the Mid-west and the West Coast!


Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

Great answers @TheRecipeDoctor !

I'm also a big fan of balsamic - perhaps the best vinegar of all?!

Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian
Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian

Right? I am way more likely to go to a balsamic and olive oil tasting than a wine tasting (LOL)!