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Ambassador Spotlight: @AndrewEatsEverything

Community Manager
Community Manager

Ambassador Spotlight. AndrewEatsEverything.jpgAt the heart of our community are our amazing ambassadors. This week we ask @AndrewEatsEverything a few questions to get to know him better. Do you agree with his responses? Should pineapple really be on pizza? Let @AndrewEatsEverything know in the comments below!







1. Are you a coffee or tea person?

I love both but my heart says “tea” due to my English upbringing!

2. Best Hangover meal?

I absolutely swear by Huevos Rancheros – I go heavy on the Cholula as I find that it helps cut through the brain fog of a hangover haha…

3. What’s the best binge meal/snack watching a movie or show? 

My best binge snack is something my sister taught me – you take a big bag (or bowl) of salty popcorn and then throw in a bag of chocolate or peanut M&M’s. (The salty/sweet combo is perfect for mindless binging!)

4. Pineapple pizza… yes or no?

Controversial… but I’m firmly in the “yes” camp on this one. Particularly if you’ve got something like ham or prosciutto on the pizza to help offset the sweetness.

5. Which condiment do you think is superior?

This is a bit of a left-field answer, but I’ll go with mayo – it’s such an unsung hero because it goes with everything, it can be tweaked to accommodate all kinds of different flavor profiles, and it’s cheap and easy to find!

6. Who wins, Coke or Pepsi?

No doubt in my mind – Coke is the superior product. (Sorry Vivek…!)

7. What’s your favorite childhood meal?

My grandmother’s chicken curry – it could do everything from curing a headache to lifting your spirits.










Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

Are you a Brit @AndrewEatsEverything, or??? ❤️


Yes! Although I'm a dual UK/US citizen so bring lots of food culture from both sides!

Community Manager
Community Manager

Lots of great suggestions (and equally things I'll have to agree to disagree with you on...). I like the idea of the popcorn and candy combo (especially with some of the leftover Halloween candy)...and curry does cure everything!

Try the popcorn + M & M's combo! I've converted lots of people already 😉