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Ambassador Spotlight: Getting to Know @NoshWithNancy

Community Manager
Community Manager


Our Sincerely, Food community thrives because of the frequent contributions from our Associate Ambassadors. Since we launched the community, one of our most generous and knowledgeable  Ambassadors has been Nancy Johnson, known in the community as NoshWithNancy. Her posts and recipes focus on fresh seasonal offerings, comfort food, amazing desserts, and tips to enjoy food, with a DIY ethos and some healthy eating tricks thrown in for good measure.

By day, Nancy is a Drive Up & Go [DUG] Supervisor, but in her spare time she’s a cooking rockstar—literally! Nancy is both a multi award-winning author of several Kindle Select short cookbooks [aka The Vermont Homesteader to her readers] and a guitar-playing, singer-songwriter folk rocker. We’re truly fortunate to have her as part of our community—so let’s get to know Nancy a little bit better!

What’s your favorite childhood meal?  

Yankee pot roast.  One time I made it just like my mother used to and as it was cooking told my boys how wonderful it was.  When it was ready, they took a bite, looked at me and said, "Really? THIS is the best thing you'd ever eaten as a kid?" Turns out they were right.  The thing is, my mother was a lousy cook, so when she put any effort into a meal, I thought it was grand!

It’s junk food time! Sweet or savory? 

Depends on my mood or what's caught my imagination! Chips and a creamy, slightly garlicky guac or homemade salsa with the perfect blend of flavors, each one delighting your taste buds as they pick out the various components; tart, spicy, tangy, piquant, and perhaps even a little sweet, always sound good. But then again, as a card-carrying member of the Cookie Monster society, reaching for a cookie, doesn't matter if they're soft, gooey and chewy or hard and crunchy, always sounds like a good idea!

Are you a coffee or tea person? 

There are few simple pleasures I enjoy more than getting up in the early morning, making myself a cup of tea ladened with milk and honey, sitting quietly as the world comes alive.

Waffles or pancakes?  

Hey, I live in Vermont, so either one -as long as it's smothered in real butter and honest-to-goodness pure Vermont maple syrup!

For breakfast, do you get French toast or biscuits and gravy?  

OMGosh, while I enjoy good French toast, I. LOVE. BISCUITS. and. GRAVY! One of my favorite things to do is to roast a chicken, make gravy and then the next morning, cook up some sausage and mix the leftover gravy into the sausage, let it warm then ladle it over flakey biscuits hot out of the oven!

Which drink do you go for at a get together, beer, wine, seltzer, or soda?  

Ah, for me this one is easy. As it happens, I'm a weenie, which means seltzer (or water) is my go-to beverage of choice. And for the record, I LOVE all the different flavor choices seltzer companies are offering these days, it's really nice!

What’s the best binge meal/snack watching a movie or show?  

Popcorn or chocolate chip cookies for a snack or something like pizza for a meal.

Favorite take-out food: Mexican or Chinese?  

Gads, you're killing me! In this case I'd have to say, "YES!" I mean think about it, how do you choose between something like a hearty, beef and bean burrito, with loads of melty cheese, veggies and even some guac or something like chicken in spicy garlic sauce with mixed veggies? The textures and flavors are completely different, but both are equally wonderful!

What’s your “last meal”? 

Oooh, tough question. Maybe something like Prime Rib, baked potato (with the works) and salad, or something like a perfectly balanced eggplant Parm with oozy, melted cheese or possibly a garlicky seafood fra diavolo (both with large salads on the side) could be in the running. 

Pineapple pizza… yes or no? 

Hailing from NYC (Brooklyn Heights technically) when I first went to college in Portland, Oregon, the thoughts of Hawaiian pizza were appalling. Then I actually tried it. And instantly became a FAN! Who knew?!

Which condiment do you think is superior?  

That's easy. Mayo. Because it has all sorts of applications. I can use it in something like egg salad, as an ingredient for dips and salad dressings. I can use it as a base for flavored mayonnaises to use in other things. I can put it in cakes and cookies or use it in casseroles. Yup, mayo wins.

Favorite dessert? 

Depends on the time of year, but overall, I make a lovely 4-layer chocolate cake with 3 layers of a mocha Swiss meringue buttercream filling, spilling out gracefully from between the layers (don't move your jaw when you say that last bit about spilling out gracefully), drizzled with ganache. Holy Crow is that terrific!

What are the foods you absolutely love?  

Well to start, I am absolutely convinced that chocolate should have its own food group, and at the bottom of the food pyramid. Other than that? Yes. I mean how does a foodie choose a favorite? I love things like roasts (Yankee pot, prime rib, pork), comfort foods (mac & cheese, all things pasta, baked potatoes with the works), hearty soups and stews that stick to your ribs during the cold winter months, baked goods made from scratch, crisp salads, all manner of veggies; raw, roasted, steamed, fruit both sweet and tart whose juice dribbles down your chin because it's so ripe. I love American cuisine (New England, southern, western), but also Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Thai, Middle Eastern, Japanese. And of course, everybody knows good, crusty bread is just the vehicle for the butter...

If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?  

For me that's a no-brainer: a seriously sharp cheddar burger with plenty of lettuce, tomato, onions, sprouts and avocado mayo, with a pickle and a big garden salad alongside of it.