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Delicious, Diverse and Available

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]


 Just a quick thought. Every day, day after day, I search for, and purchase food for other people. As a foodie, mother of 4, caterer and cookbook author, when I shop for other people, you can bet my eyes are working as hard as my hands as I lift, examine, gently-squeeze-in-all-the-right-spots, items like produce.

But the fact remains, when I think about how fragile things like bananas are, even when they are a little scuffed or scarred or perhaps there is a spot where you can only imagine a bruise will form, I think about how incredibly lucky we are. Produce like bananas, travel a LONG WAY to get to my little corner of Vermont, and all things considered, a little scuffing, scarring or possible bruising is a small price to pay for such a treat.  Let me just say, that the next time banana season rolls around in Vermont, it'll be the first.

That we have such delicious, abundant and diversified foods so readily available, is amazing.

Truly, we are blessed...