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Easy work lunch options?!

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

Now that the world has opened up, my team and I are in the office 1 day a week.  I found an easy (and inexpensive) lunch salad solution at Safeway.  I would love some more inspiration for next week.  What is everyone else bringing to work?


Junior Chef IV
Junior Chef IV

I'm retired, but when I was working, I used to bring soup for lunch. I bought a couple of soup mugs with secure sealed tops. This permitted me to bring my own homemade soups. I would bring a sandwich usually, and some kind of veg - a small salad, or just some carrot sticks, jicama slices, something that I could nibble. I like them without anything, but once in a while would bring some hummus or a homemade dressing, like a thick ranch or blue cheese. I'd also bring a piece of fruit, which I usually saved for an afternoon snack. I find that soup is very restorative, and I eat it pretty much everyday - sometimes even for breakfast! I still mainly like my own soups best, but I did find a good imported soup that has no preservatives and very delicious flavors - I heated up some of that today - mushroom, potato and barley - oh, yeah, delicious.  We had a microwave and refrigerator on every floor of the company I last worked at, which gave us a lot of flexibility. I think someone also brought in a toaster.