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Friday Night Charcuterie #2

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]





Thankfully it's Friday again, which means that later today it's going to be my favorite night of the week. I love knowing I have the whole weekend ahead of me, even though that often means lots of errands and trying to squeeze in a bunch of things on my need to do list as opposed to my really want to do list

Even with a full weekend calendar, as far as I am concerned, Friday night is sacred. It's for slowing down, for savoring the good things of life and celebrating free time to be who we are and do what we feel like doing.

One Friday night not long ago, my friend Katya, whom I grew up with, and her daughter Jean, joined me for dinner. Because they were coming to visit, I put together a mini-charcuterie. I love what I've dubbed my Friday night charcuteries, because of the huge array of possibilities, flavor profiles and textures. We sat over a charcuterie and spent a lovely, hour catching up before I got up to finish dinner.


Wherever you are and whatever you are doing tonight, I hope it includes great food and good times!

Bon Appétit -Life is Good... ❤️