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Happy S'mores Day!

Community Manager
Community Manager


Today is National S'mores Day! Whether it is the traditional treat with graham crackers, chocolate bars and toasted marshmallows enjoyed by the campfire or more modern twist offered by S'mores inspired cookies, dessert casseroles or even using Oreos, what's YOUR favorite way to enjoy S'mores? Share below in the comments!


Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

I'm old school when it comes to S'mores - I like the traditional version, but I insist that the marshmallows be burnt to a crisp! (Sorry @passthesauce - I know this is where we differ 😅@Chomp_Chomp can back me up on this!)

I also had a great experience with a S'mores-inspired beer before from Saranac brewing company in NY. 

The crisper the better! 

Junior Chef V [Associate]
Junior Chef V [Associate]

I am also a fan of the traditional graham cracker, semi-sweet chocolate, and a PERFECTLY toasted and NOT BURNT marshmallow smunched together for the perfect campfire experience. 

I have seen a recipe floating around for a 'smores dip' which I would love to try - especially when there is a campfire ban going on!

@NoshwithNancy what's your go-to smore style?

Welllllll, I do love a traditional s'more and I'm OK with it a beautiful golden brown or as @AndrewEatsEverything suggests burnt as well.  BUT, then there's the sushi s'more (raw -uncooked marshmallow) and I'd seen a s'more using a woven bacon base -and I can only imagine how good that might be!  And @passthesauce,  I've also seen the s'mores dip recipe floating around recently and I was intrigued! ❤️