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What are your favorite movie night snacks?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I love summer blockbusters and Top Gun: Maverick was amazing. Almost as much fun as going to the movies is the food--for me, popcorn with extra butter, Red Vines and a Coke. What's your favorite movies snacks-either at the theater or at home?




Community Manager
Community Manager

I am a licorice (use as straw with a diet coke), and popcorn (eat with chopsticks so it lasts the entire movie 😉 kind of person!

OMGosh Megs-n-Cheese, you're too funny -popcorn with chopsticks?  You've just officially become my hero!

I love Red Vines!  But Milk Duds are my absolute favorite.  I've started making homemade nachos when watching movies at home - simple chips and cheese. 

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

LOVE good popcorn (and by good I mean homemade because the movie theater "butter" gives me a wicked headache) or something like gooey chewy chocolate chip cookies, still warm from the oven and a cup of hot tea.