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Re: Food & Nutrition Education

With the mounting economic pressure on the consumers, Albertsons/Safeway Inc  introducing the  Food & Nutrition Education awareness to the consumers will steer head and promote the  free education guidelines on the types of foods and produces consume...


  Todays lunch included some sun! Enjoyed the perks of working from home and walking the dogs to the nearby park and enjoy some fried rice and sun! Anyone else get outside for lunch today?


Wake up to a glass of water

With water making up 60% of our body weight and and a restful night (if you can get it) means that we haven't hydrated in hours, there are lots of obvious benefits to waking up to a morning glass of water. Check out this helpful article to understan...


Let's Talk Antioxidants

Antioxidants - they’re associated with everything from reduced cancer risk to slower aging. I've done a little research to find out what exactly these are and how I can make sure my family and I are getting enough of them!   Veggies and Plants: Citru...

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