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Bloated? Try these 3 tips!

Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian
Ambassador [Associate] Registered Dietitian

There are TONS of reasons why we get bloated…but if you’re already there, I know you want solutions SOONER than later.

Here are three things to try:

🌱 Peppermint is a carminative, meaning it relaxes the smooth muscle of the gut.

Brew a strong tea with 2-3 tea bags in a single cup. Need something stronger, consider enteric coated peppermint oil, which is evidence-based for use in IBS.

🌱Go for a light walk, or do some gentle abdominal twists, which help to ring out the abdomen and encourage movement of gasses. You can finish with some stretches to help pass gas such as the downward dog (this works like magic on me). Just google stretches to help with bloated and see what works for you!

🌱 Keep food light until it passes. If bloating is due to a sluggish gut, adding a ton of fibre immediately will likely make it worse (although a higher fibre diet is a good preventative strategy! )

Try a soup or smoothie (sip SLOWLY) or a lower fibre salad, like a Greek style chop. Make sure to chew food VERY well and eat slowly.


Food Enthusiast
Food Enthusiast

Been doing the butt in the air since I was a kid my mom told me to do it after I over did the soda pop. 🙂 I also found to lay on my right side, pillow under the belly/side. 

Thank you for the info I will add it to my tool kit. Now I know why gas pills taste like peppermint.