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Drink water: Several signs that you might be dehydrated

Community Manager
Community Manager


I've posted about the topic before, but drinking water is one of those things [like eating your vegetables] that might not always be at the top of your list--but it should be. With a recent personal health concern, my doctor advised that one important thing I could do was to was to drink more water. For me, I like ice cold water and supplement "regular" water with Hint, which contains purified water and a wide variety of natural flavors like Pear, Pineapple, and Cherry.

And it's not always about the amount that you drink, but drinking it consistently throughout the day whenever possible. I wanted to share a great article that that outlines some factors that might indicate that you're not drinking enough water. [I know that when I'm dehydrated, I notice several of the items on the list.] Do you drink enough water-and what's your tips for staying hydrated? Share in the comments below:


Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

I'm a BIG believer in drinking water @SnacksNSneakers, and in the past few months I've found that I feel better if I start my day with a glass.  It doesn't even have to be a big glass, for me to feel the difference.  Ironically, it used to be that I couldn't drink water first thing without feeling nauseous, rather I'd have to wait for my body to wake up and kickstart.  Funny how our body chemistry changes... ❤️

NOSHWITHNANCY. Morning hydration I feel is a MUST to start a great day! 

Food Adventurer
Food Adventurer

SNACKSNSHEAKERS. Thanks😊 for this interesting and informative article.I do feel the amount of water we drink is important and that differs for each person. It amazes me all the people  I have met all my life that DO NOT like or drink water. I have been in the habit since my teens of taking a container, bottle, etc of water with me if I feel I will be in a location where I can not get a quality, safe, drink of water if I need or want it.