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It is never too late to meal plan

Community Manager
Community Manager

I was inspired to eat clean this month from someone sharing their personal experience and feeling super sluggish from holiday indulges. This planning involved the entire family to come up with meal ideas, shopping, preparation, and clean up. 

If you have any tips or tricks please share to keep it going for the next few weeks. 

It only takes one person to get you motivated!







Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

This is so inspiring!  I am committing to using the healthy meal plan features in the safeway app and on mealime!  

Community Manager
Community Manager

This is exactly the thing my wife and I are committing to in the new year-I think the biggest challenge we run into is around time and energy. But if we can take care of a lot of the prep work in advance and limit the time it takes at the end of a long weekday workday, we'll be less likely to take less healthier shortcuts.