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New to thos community


Good morning and Happy New Year. I'm looking for easy, quick, healthy food ideas and recipes and making new friends. I live in Addison, TX. 


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the community! You've certainly come to the right place-we have 1300+ recipes (with new ones being added all the time). @passthesauce any suggestions generally for quick and healthy?

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Well, "easy" and "quick" will still need some food-prep time and work on your part to do.
Can you be more descriptive at the types of ideas you are looking for?
Do you have food allergies that folks like myself should know before we suggest Dish-A might having an allergen?

Your definition of "easy" will definitely be different than everyone else. I would hate to recommend something that Im confident is easy but might be considered too involved for others.  So, perhaps, we could learn about how comfortable are you in the kitchen? Good with a knife?


TIA 🙂 

No food allergies here and good with knife. I work all day and definitely don't feel like cooking a lot of time. I open to any ideas. Maybe I should use my crackpot more. I like many foods and vegetables as well. 

Junior Chef V [Associate]
Junior Chef V [Associate]