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Re: Food & Nutrition Education

Grazer [Associate]
Grazer [Associate]

With the mounting economic pressure on the consumers, Albertsons/Safeway Inc  introducing the  Food & Nutrition Education awareness to the consumers will steer head and promote the  free education guidelines on the types of foods and produces consumers often select.
This procedure will improve Albertsons/ Safeway Inc healthy nutritious foods and nutrition assistance program plan by improving the consumers and community health services. 
So many improvements can be made and achieved by Albertsons/ Safeway Inc becoming the first and only Retail Industry in addressing health education, food and nutrition assistance program to all Americans and including supporting the food and nutrition health insurance plans to its employees who want to enroll so that they can minimize on the high health insurance costs on them and their families.This is a breakthrough to many struggling American families and certainly the best opportunity for growth to many people once it’s put in place. 
Allow change by becoming an example to others.