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Vegan Cakes, Cookies and Vegan Ready to Go foods

Grazer [Associate]
Grazer [Associate]

Can Albertsons Bakery introduce Vegan cheese cakes, cookies and Ready 2 Go meals for consumers who are vegan and vegetarian please? I have been asked multiple times about vegan cheese cakes, vegan cookies and vegan and vegetarian ready to go lunches by consumers. Can Signature create new foods for consumers especially the vegetarian and vegan customers?



Junior Chef V [Associate]
Junior Chef V [Associate]

Hey @Beatrice2020 

We now have quite a few vegan options in our dessert category on the Meals part of the website. I live in a mostly dairy-free house so know that vegan options work for us. Here are a couple examples:

Hope this gives you some ideas on what to suggest to customers!