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Better Chicken Flavor Rice-A Roni

Although it will never be a health food, I get fluffier and slightly healthier Chicken Flavor regular Rice-A-Roni by substituting three tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil for the same amount of butter called-for in the package directions and using...

Crispy, Crunchy, Corn Chip Hack

 A crunchy bag of baked corn chips.                           As a little girl, I thought there was nothing finer than potato chips. They had a thin, fragile profile, they were salty and greasy and incredibly satisfying, though the chips that curled ...

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How To: Cook Green Beans

Continuing on in our series that answers some of the most frequently asked questions around cooking fundamentals, today we tackle how to cook green beans. Green beans are high in Vitamins A, C and K and are a great healthy side for some of your favo...