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Calling all "back to school" tips!

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Community Manager

School LunchesSchool Lunches

I am not a fan of lunch packing - usually because when it needs to be done, I am in a rush, or a child is having a meltdown, or the fact that it usually requires attention before I have had a sip of caffeine...but lately, I have been TRYINGGGGG to do a few things to help and wanted to share! But also, please tell me your secrets!

1. Loveable Lunch Box - Like a good fitting shoe, find a container you like! For me, it is bento boxes -- These containers come in various colors so it is easy to assign one to each child. They include built-in partitions/sections which help with portion control (but also make packing lunch a creative activity)! They are easy to wash, reusable, and keep food fresh and chilled.

2. Prep, prep, and PREP - Daunting, I know...I have found our M-F easier if I merge the grocery unpack with some prep...for example, washing/cutting fruit/veggies before putting away, transferring dry goods to containers for easier access, etc. This is easier said than done...

3. Pack the Night Before - Packing lunches and backpacks has become part of the loading dishwasher, wiping counters, picking up toys, changing laundry, etc...those routine efforts that reset life for the next day. Usually, these chores take place after all kids are asleep and a time where we can enjoy a glass of wine in silence. The level of prep done the night before has a direct impact on the vibe put out in the AM. But again, easier said than done...because lounging on the sofa with a glass of wine always sounds better 😉