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Easy as Pie!

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]


 I've been making pies a looonnnggg time now and while these days I just toss pie dough around like it's nothing, when I first started, it was arduous, nerve wracking work -and if it could go wrong, it surely did.  But all these years later with a husband who loved pie and raising four boys, I've got a LOT of pie making experience.

For the longest time I had trouble when I was working with unfilled pie crust (as opposed to a filled pie, like an apple pie). Baking the crust and not have it 1). Bubble up every where 2). Not break apart every time I tried to take the pie weights out, was near impossible. Eventually I got smart, and realized that if I put a barrier between the pie and the weights, the crust wouldn't bubble up, nor would it break every time I tried to remove the weights.

With that I've got a couple of tips for you;


 1). Don't waste your time with expensive pie weights, rather used dried beans; they're cheap, easy to come by, plentiful and 1 bag will easily cover the entire bottom of the crust thus holding the whole thing down and there's nothing bad in them for you

2). If you lay a sheet of either parchment of wax paper on top of the crust and lay the beans over that, it acts as a protective barrier so the crust won't break when you're trying to remove them!


Bon Appétit...