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How To: Cook Brussels sprouts

Community Manager
Community Manager


Continuing in our series in providing helpful tips and tricks for some of the most asked cooking questions, we turn to a very healthy question: how do I cook Brussels sprouts? And before we get started, two quick personal admissions: 1/ it was only today that I learned that they have suspected origins in Belgium [hence the name] and 2/ I only recently developed a love for them, after being told my doctor to eat more cruciferous vegetables [broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and yes, Brussels sprouts] to increase blood circulation. Now I can't get enough of them! 

Most people agree that the best way to enjoy Brussels sprouts is by roasting them with simple seasoning options, given that they can tend to be bitter and mushy if not cooked properly.  Love and Lemons has a wonderful recipe for cooking Brussels sprouts simply and our community has a delicious recipe to take advantage of fall vegetables with a Sheet Pan Chicken with Maple Thyme Squash and Brussels Sprouts!