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Just found this starting Mediterranean Diet, curious about any healthy recipe idea, even vegetarian (although I am hardly that all the time).


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the community! Congrats on starting the new diet-there are tons of recipes for all types of diets and food preferences. We have a Forum dedicated to Health and Wellness [go to the top of the page, go to Forums, and then check out "Health and Wellness]. @passthesauce any specific recipe suggestions for the Mediterranean Diet?

Junior Chef V [Associate]
Junior Chef V [Associate]

Welcome @bluebird!

The Mediterranean Diet is a wonderful way to heat a diverse range of foods that are healthy and full of flavor!

Check out these two recipes from the Meals section of the Safeway website. There are tons of recipes to browse through over there and many of them fit into the Mediterranean diet! 

I'm with you that I have been trying to eat a more plant based meals but I am totally not ready to take that plunge full time!!

@AndrewEatsEverything do you have any recipe recommendations for bluebird?

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

Welcome @bluebird !

I've been trying to incorporate more veggie recipes into my diet and these two recipes have been recent favorites:

Apple-Cheddar Grilled Cheese Sandwiches with Arugula, Apple & Pecan Salad 

Sweet Potato, Spinach & White Bean Curry with Quinoa 

Let us know if you need any other suggestions! 

Both sound yummy! I would say they are a little high in calories for me...BUT I will write them down. The diet plan I am using (paying for) includes daily menus and they also are great ---but nothing more (so far at least) than 400 calories per person per meal. Not complaining mind you --- LOVED your contributions and WILL TRY  them both....can make the sandwiches for a friend....YUM!! ...not tonight, of course, but will try them with her.....I can eat half of one and reduce the caloric intake.....THANKS