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Food and Nutrition

Grazer [Associate]
Grazer [Associate]

Hi I am Beatrice Makokha an associate with Albertsons and holding a Master of Science Nutrition from Liberty University I love learning about foods, balanced  nutrient density , food medicine, community health, nutrition education  ,disease diagnosis and nutrition care practices. Working with Albertsons has provided me with  in-depth insight Into nutrition research, retail production and operation management.

The knowledge attained in this field is limitless as the skills that connect with the practical advancement is paramount to quality growth and development of the retail industry. This is a power house of learning skills, education and advancement in both growth, development and management of a retail service.
I am grateful for the opportunity Albertsons inc entrusted in me by starting from bottom up an effective  learning strategy in the operation and production of Albertsons management and development .

Each day I am able to learn both skills, management and operation in my career advancement with Albertsons. Thank you.