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Food as a Hobby


Food is kind of a hobby for me. I love to try new things. My weekday cooking style is mainly simple (or lots of leftovers from the weekend) but I sometimes try more elaborate recipes if I really want to try something out. I often devote part of my weekend time to this activity.

On the weekend, I might smoke a cheesecake (yes, on the smoker), make homemade enchilada sauce, bake something (just about anything, really!), make my own liqueurs - I just like trying out new techniques and foods.

Friends and relatives with special diets often come to me for ideas, because I'm curious and like the challenge.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the community! It sounds like you have quite the range of things to share-and the smoked cheesecake sounds amazing. And we have a lot of members who are looking for ideas around various diets, so your experience helping friends will certainly come in handy!