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Food obsessed

Taster [Associate]
Taster [Associate]

I love all things food and I love nothing more than enjoying delicious meals with my family and friends.  I'm here to uncover new recipes and learn tips and tricks from other food lovers.  I also am always interested in eating healthy and hungry for pro tips on how to cook vegetarian or with more veggies.  But I do love a good bbq too... I love it all. 


Junior Chef V [Associate]
Junior Chef V [Associate]

Welcome JoJo!!

I am a fellow 'veggie-curious' person who also loves a good steak! I've been impressed with some of the tofu based recipes I have come across lately. I used to swear I would never like tofu and now I am loving it! It is also nice that it is a less expensive protein so I feel better when I splurge on that perfect rib eye!!

If you're looking to expand your repertoire of tofu recipes, here's one that I highly recommend; it packs loads of flavor into a relatively simple salad!

Baked Pesto Tofu over Tomato, Cucumber, Onion, Artichoke & Feta Salad 

Thank you!

This one is a total winner!!