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Hello from New Hampshire! Howahhhhya!?

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Hey there, how's it going?
I love helping people learn about cooking, how to cook, how to experience different cultural dishes, food modifications (gluten-free, dairy free, vegetarian, etc) and anything else that goes with it!  I am a Chef who believes in 100% made from scratch at all times. I think we have an overabundance of horrible shelf-stable, pre-processed/convenience/frozen/canned meals, horrible alternative sugars out on the market that we never needed in the first place. 

Whether it is BBQ, Smoking, Asian, European, Middle-Eastern, Italian, Greek - it does not matter, I am more than happy to share some ideas, share approaches and more than happy to help someone. 

All images are my own creations.  



2023-01-04 Garlic-Wine Mussels.jpg2022-10-12 Broiled Whiting 2.jpg2022-11-15 Pomegranate BBQ Chicken Wings2.jpg2022-12-25 Herb-Seasone Rib Eye.jpg2022-09-18 Mantu 3.jpg2022-04-10 Beef Wonton Noodle Soup 1.jpg2022-11-26 Turkey Dumplings 6.jpg2022-10-25 Linguine alla Ortolana with Sausage.jpg2021-2-14 Rose Ravioli.jpg2021-10-24 Duxelle Ravioli 3.jpg