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I am a caregiver for my mother and husband who both have medical issues specialized diets


Community Manager
Community Manager

I know it must be a lot of work to care for not one, but two family members that require special diets. Hopefully, we can help with some new options that are simple, nutritious and on-diet.  I'm sure that @passthesauce and @chocolate_rhapsody will have some amazing suggestions, based on your specific needs.

Junior Chef V [Associate]
Junior Chef V [Associate]

Hey @MelitaGGG2 and welcome to this amazing community!

What are some of the dietary requirements that you are working to accommodate? I have quite a bit of experience with cooking for folks with special diets. In my house we will often have folks who are: dairy-free, gluten-free, egg-free, vegetarian, vegan, sensitive to leafy greens, allergic to tree nuts...the list goes on and on! Over the years I have become pretty good at dodging these ingredients while still coming up with some incredible meals!

If you check out the 'Meals' section on your banner website you will be able to note any dietary restrictions and the recipe builder can filter those out for you - it's an incredible experience that leads to tailored meals and even a grocery list or the ability to order directly online!

Send over some of the things you are working to avoid and I can try to point you in a good direction to start.

Happy cooking!