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Looking forward to exchanging menu, recipe and decor ideas for each holiday, season and milestone!


It is always so much fun to hear how other people and their families celebrate all of life's milestones, holidays and seasons and how food is always part of the celebration!


Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome to the community! Cooking really does bring family together-some of my favorite memories are with loved ones around the holidays-or even a simple backyard BBQ. We're currently featuring a Forum (see top of the page in the "Forums" drop-down menu called "Summertime Favorites." We'll be adding new seasonal content and encouraging members to do the same!

Thank you for the guidance- I'll check it out!

YAY @SnacksNSneakers, I can't WAIT!  I LOVE seasonal & Holiday cooking/baking!  I'm holding back on fall things (believe me it's killing me) at least until we're out of this wicked heat! ❤️

Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

OMGosh @MichelleBea, first of all, welcome, so glad you found us!  Next I'm with you, I LOVE to hear how people celebrate milestones, holidays and seasons AND how food is always part of the celebration!  In fact, my second book (The Vermont Homesteader's Christmas Memories; Wit, Wisdom & Holiday Recipes) shares 40+ of my favorite holiday recipes.  And while the name indicates it's Christmas only, there are also Thanksgiving recipes & some that I use for other occasions as well!  I was just thinking the other day that once fall really starts coming on I'm going to make a crock of pickled beets -and I can't wait!  Would LOVE to know what kinds of things you like to make!!!!! ❤️