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New Here


I was on Keto for quite a while, losing over 200 lbs,  several years ago. 

When health problems hit -- even before Covid  -- I started eating more and more, feeling sorry tor myself 

Not a good idea, let me tell you!

Then I went off the rails these past 2 yrs, just after Covid hit. A worse idea, obviously. 


Now, I am finally back on track, 5 days ago, and I already feel tons better!  What a psychological lift, too!

Anyway, hi from Albany, near the Linn County fairgrounds.  

I hope to share some recipes, find recipes, and maybe even make a friend or 2. (P S. I am a senior with the heart and soul of a 20-something.)   😀




Community Manager
Community Manager

Welcome! And thanks for sharing your journey-these past few years have been challenging for everyone. You hit the nail on the head with what we're hoping for with this community-for people to learn, share, connect and more, all around food. We're looking forward to you sharing!