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Re: Customer’s Appraisal

Grazer [Associate]
Grazer [Associate]

Hi , Yesterday after work . I walked to the produce department to go grab some mini watermelon. As I approached the fresh cut section, a customer approached me and greeted me. Upon answering, she says, I quote, “ I wanted to Thank you for the wonderful job you are doing for us here in Bend Oregon, I am overwhelmed by your courtesy and hardwork “ Thank you. Then she goes on to say, I quote, “ May I seek your permission to Bless you in your work please?” I was quick to say, Yes, Thank you. At this point, she asked me to give her my hands which I quickly did. She prayed for a promotion and raise and said , favor and grace. She said, you’re BIGGER and you deserve BiGGER BLESSINGS. Now go out and receive it in Jesus Name I pray. To which I answered AMEN. She then walked away. I feel overwhelmed with joy and happiness from someone I did not know to recognize and recommend on my performance. Just to share my experience with you all.

Thank you 


Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

Awww Beatrice2020, how nice for you!  Grocery store workers are often invisible to people, so that she saw and recognized your hard work is really nice!  Keeping my fingers crossed that you get a promotion!