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Thursday Introduction.

Food Enthusiast
Food Enthusiast

Hi all,

My name is Jessa, and I am so excited about SF!

Please forgive me I have not read every one's introduction here but I am catching up.

Please copy and paste the five items below and type either a M or a R next to each sentence.

Put, "M," next to the sentence that makes you think of, "Meal planning," and, "R," next to the sentence that brings the word, "Recipe," to mind. Whichever one you think is closer to what the sentence describes to you.

_____Copy and paste here. Adding a M or R next to the following five lines______

1. I am craving some thing. ____

2. Tomorrow I will be ____ from 5pm to 6pm.

3. I forgot the potatoes at the market so I will just use bread. ____

4. Making chicken and waffles is one of my favorite dishes to make. ____

5. Stir the butter in the pot slowly, margarine may be substituted. ____

_____ End of quiz copy and paste in replies or respond with whatever you like.

So nice to meet you all! -Jessa