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Fresh Salsa on a Hot Summer's Night

 Here in my corner of Vermont, it's been blistering hot. The kind of hot where it's almost too hot to eat (gads, wash my mouth out with soap, did I actually say that?)Much as I love charcuterie's (and make no mistake, I surely do love them!), there i...

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Goodbye, Choco Taco.

Businesses often have to make tough decisions. This week, Klondike made the difficult decision to discontinue the once-popular "Choco Taco" frozen treat. Will it be gone for good? Will fans petition to bring it back? What's a product that has been d...


Love this Cole Slaw!

I was reaching for the heavy head of pale green Ice Burg lettuce so I could hit the bottom of it on the counter in order to core it, when a painful memory came rushing to the forefront of my pea brain.After my mom died my father was really lost. Not ...

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Corn and Black Bean Salad

 Last night was a hot summer's night in my corner of the world, I was late getting home from rehearsal, I hadn't pulled anything out of the freezer for dinner the night before and the last thing I wanted to do was heat up my kitchen. On top of that, ...

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