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Farmers market - these are a few of my favorite things!

Community Manager
Community Manager


I explored my neighborhood farmers market yesterday and picked up some great finds!

1. Plumots: A delicious mix between plums and apricots. Perfectly juicy and ripe!

2. Dahlias! Look at this gorgeous bunch. I had so much fun picking out the perfect shade (with a few buds I’ll be keeping an eye on!)

3. Pickling cucumbers! I got to work right away getting them set up with dill and garlic in mason jars. Perfect combo with a sandwich in the summer.

4. Shisito peppers! Ready to blister these with a little olive oil, maldon salt, and maybe some mozzarella on the side. 

That’s all for now 💗hope you all are enjoying some nice summer markets as well! 


Ambassador [Associate]
Ambassador [Associate]

Bright, beautiful, fragrant, delicious -a feast for the senses! ❤️

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's a great photo and a mix of amazing items!