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I have heard 91% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolution…but I’m proud to share I am on day six of a detox - here is what I made my husband and I for lunch today. Clean eating! What are y’all eating in 2023?
Recently hosted a 2 year old birthday and was blown away with the cake my friend created! Please share some cakes that have impressed you!  
Our family spends the year stocking up on red hots for our annual gingerbread making. This tradition is our kid's favorite time (and mine too)! They get to give belly buttons, make faces, add buttons! And best of all, we get to all enjoy the deliciou...
Went to a girlfriends holiday white elephant tonight and was blown away with the spread. She had an array of options and the tree was so festive! Anyone have tips on how to inspire guests this holiday season?    
I went to a party last week and the charcuterie spread was a hot topic in conversation. I loved what my friend did here - Who needs a butcher block? or tray? when you have a clean counter? What other vessels have you seen used that were conversation ...