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  Last night we enjoyed some home made pizza while we hang on the last few summer nights. Pizza toppings included - Basil - Prosciutto  - Mozzarella   
  Todays lunch included some sun! Enjoyed the perks of working from home and walking the dogs to the nearby park and enjoy some fried rice and sun!  Anyone else get outside for lunch today? ☀️
To celebrate Banana Split Day, all members who login this Thursday August 25th, 2022 will receive a digital badge! Make sure to share with us how you celebrate Banana Split Day!​ To view the digital badges you’ve already earned go to My Profile > Vie...
If you're like me, always on the hunt for the perfect margarita, then check out these tips to level up your home made margarita this summer!  Tired of a Standard Margarita Recipe? Try These 5 Easy Upgrades (realsimple.com) My personal favorite is to ...
Any Bad Bunny fans? I'm so excited for Bad Bunny's first restaurant opening, Gekko.  According to the their website, "Gekko immerses patrons in a fusion of elevated steakhouse surroundings with the modernity and precision of Japanese cuisine. Signatu...