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Hi! I just ordered a new wooden spatula as my old one is starting to crack. What are the best ways to make sure I can use my new spatula for longer?
  I received an Nespresso coffee machine this Christmas and I want to get the best use out of it. I’m not a barista by any means so I’m learning how to make some drinks, but could really use any tips from some of my barista friends out there.  We al...
We appreciate the contributions you make to the community, and we know other members do, too! This knowledge sharing and interaction among members is the heart and soul of our community.   So, we want to recognize those community members and content ...
Lager lovers, This Saturday is National Lager Day. Login on Saturday to join the fun and earn the National Lager Day badge!  Cheers!   
Gear up cookie lovers! National Cookie Day is Sunday December 4th! Make sure to login on Sunday to earn the National Cookie Day badge.