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All the ingredients for a great community post!

Community Manager
Community Manager


We’re so excited to see so many new community members and so many great posts and conversations in the community! For those that have not yet posted, it’s easy to get started. Simply follow the "recipe" below:


-Pick a topic of interest in the "Forums" or head to the "Recipes" to submit your favorite.

-Click the "Start a Conversation" button

-Add a title to your post that describes what you'll be talking about ["My Grandma's Meatloaf Recipe"] or even ask the community a question ["I just bought an air fryer-what should I make in it?"]

-Add a photo to your post to draw attention and make it stand out to the community using the "insert photos" button in the post editor. People are naturally drawn to images and photos can help tell your story even better! It will capture more attention when people are scrolling through all the content on Sincerely, Food-especially as more and more members join.

-If you're sharing a news article or other content you found on the web, include a link using the "insert/edit link" button.

-Once you're done writing, hit the "Post" button at the bottom, and you're all set! You should see your post in the appropriate forum momentarily.


And finally, don’t forget to like and comment on other members' posts! Odds are, you have more in common than you think!


If you have questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to your Sincerely, Food community managers via email. That's what we're here for!