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The place to share your favorite comfort foods and drinks to keep you warm during the cold and rainy winter months. So start up the slow-cooker, get closer to the fireplace and check out member recommendations for pot pies, stews, soups and other favorites to warm your body and your soul.
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Sausage Orzo Soup

It's a funny day here in Vermont. This morning when I took the hound dawgs out it was a frigid 16º. And though it was early morning and therefore not actually, 'daylight' you could tell the sky was dark grey. Partly because it was just light enough t...

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I'll never get "board!"

I went to a few holiday events this past week, and the common theme was charcuterie boards. All were unique, fun and festive, big and small. No matter the board, I hope these inspire you! My daughter's creation.I put this together for a small get tog...

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Soup Season is Here!

With the weather turning cooler (and my six-year-old son feeling slightly under the weather), I was inclined today to make a pot of Matzoh Ball Soup.  Always a crowd pleaser, not to mention 'healer", my son enjoyed it, and so did I.  Typically, I inc...

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