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Soup Season is Here!

Community Manager
Community Manager

With the weather turning cooler (and my six-year-old son feeling slightly under the weather), I was inclined today to make a pot of Matzoh Ball Soup.  Always a crowd pleaser, not to mention 'healer", my son enjoyed it, and so did I.  Typically, I include shredded chicken and carrots within, but today's recipe was kept simple with just the addition of egg noodles.  Season to taste!  matzoh ball soup.jpg


Junior Chef IV
Junior Chef IV

Oh, gosh, I love soups. We had soup everyday, sometimes twice a day, when I was growing up. My dad used to tell us how there would be two soups at breakfast when he was growing up - farm family, the hands had to have a hearty meal to make it to lunch. I prefer my homemade soups, but admit to having some Progresso and Kedainiu Konservu (imported from Lithuania) handy. I like the Kedainiu soups in particular, because they are canned without preservatives, but cannot always find them.